A Smart New Look

It's certainly been a Sunny Spring, but definitely a strange Spring. Here at Lullaby Lane it has been a busy Spring, and at may times a mad hectic Spring.

Since lockdown measures were announced, and our little Sheffield Shop had to close, we have been working solely online from our website, and I can honestly say we have never been so busy, and I would like to thank all our wonderful customers for helping our small business grow through these difficult times.

As we seem to heading towards a more promising future, it has been great to welcome back a valued team member, Kier, and her extra pair of hands has helped us to turn our attention to our website, to give it a smart new look....we hope you like it.

But some things haven't changed. You know how we love to use our customer photo's, real kids wearing our outfits, and it is always a joy to receive the many lovely photos we are sent. Just like this beautiful photo, of this pretty little lady in summer outfit and sun hat. Doesn't she look wonderful! 

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