Baby Comforters, Taggies, and Snuggle Blankets

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Comfort blankets and soft toys are useful objects to help and baby settle, go to sleeps, and also help the transition from sleeping to waking. They also can help a baby or toddlers feelings of comfort and security when around new people or in unfamiliar surroundings. No matter how worn or tatty they become, they are providing useful steps into your baby's developing independence skills.  Always a popular choice for a special new arrival. They are available in a choice of colours, pink, blue, white or grey and make a special keepsake for any baby boy or girl. We have a wide range of cute little characters, from traditional teddies, to rabbits, elephants, bunnies, lambs, giraffes and unicorns. Ideal as a Christmas Gift, or inexpensive gift for a baby shower or other occasion.