Baby Pom Pom Hats - Bobble Hats / Personalised Baby Hats / Double Fur Pom /Newborn to 2 Years

baby bobble pom hat newborn personalised

Pom pom bobble hats for baby boys and baby girls. Cute faux fur single and double bobbles. Most hats can be personalised so why not add babies name  to make a wonderful personalised baby gift. Baby hats start from newborn to 6 years making them suitable for toddlers, infants and small children. We want your baby's hat to fit  perfectly. So that's why our baby hats come in 3 sizes. The first size will fit a newborn baby in it's first few months, the next size is suitable for a 1-9 month baby. We then progress to our next size to fit a baby of 9-18 months, as the baby approaches toddler size, we have hats to fit a 2- 6 year old. Our hats are UK made and  we take pride in the quality of these cute baby hats.