Make every day, a special day!


baby girl summer clothes

I got sent these fabulous photos from one of our customers yesterday. They really made me smile....but also made me think.

I could see the photos were taken at home, and as this is a bank holiday weekend, when many of us may in the past have planned a long weekend away, we now are staying at home, doing the right thing. These are strange times, scary times.

But these photos of little Darcy-Rose brightened my day. She may not be going anywhere, but mum had her dressed up, looking a million dollars. Babies can bring such joy, and joy is what we need in these dark times.

I don't know how long this new way of living will last, but one thing I do know is that those cute little babies grow so fast. So enjoy every moment. Make every day, a special day. Take plenty of photo's, share them with friends and family, share the joy.!

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