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Keeping Your Baby Safe in the Sun

Tips for keeping your baby safe in the sun.

Being out in the open air on a lovely sunny day is a pleasure we should all enjoy, but it is so important to keep your baby safe in the sunshine.

Stay in the shade as much as possible, A baby's skin offers little protection against the sun. Parasols and sunscreens attached to prams and pushchairs can help to provide shade when out and about, but please do NOT drape blankets over the hood of your pram, as this will cause baby to overheat and stop cooling air flowing.

Cover baby up. Loose cotton clothes and wide brimmed sun hats will help protect baby. Getting a baby to keep a hat on can be a parenting challenge, but please persevere, it is for their safety.

Keep an eye on their necks and shoulders. This is the most common areas for sunburn.

Use high factor sunscreens with an SPF (sun protection factor) of 30+, and make sure you reapply regularly, especially if your baby is in and out of water.

Avoid your baby getting dehydrated. Breast fed baby's may need to be fed more often. Bottle fed baby's can be given cooled boiled water to keep them hydrated.

Enjoy the sunshine, but please enjoy it safely.

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