Our Personalisation Process

We know how you love our personalised baby hats, baby comforters, clothes, blankets and other accessories, so we thought it would be great to create a page to explain the steps of our personalisation process.

When you order a personalised order from us at Lullaby Lane Baby Shop, the first step is for you to choose the size of the hat, and check the correct hat size has been selected. Then enter the name of your little one in the input box on the product page of our website. Please remember to check your spelling carefully, and double check...especially when using your mobile to order, just in case an unwanted autocorrect has occurred.

Top Tip - Less is more especially on our little hats. The less letters you use, the bigger the writing will be. Though it is your choice how many letters are on the front of a hat-we recommend eight letters or less for the best quality outcome.

 Long name compared to shorter name in the font 'Chunky'.


We then ask you to choose your writing style- and offer two choices on most of our baby items. We use an italic alphabet, that is a cursive style font, that resembles joined up handwriting.

Italic font - Capital letters.

 Italic font- Lower case letters.

We also offer a chunky style alphabet, which is a more traditional non joined font. We have been personalising for many years and we know that these two alphabets, by a leading professional embroidery font business, will stitch out beautifully on a wide range of fabrics.

The next step is to choose your writing colour, and a selection of colours can be chosen from a drop down menu. Please remember, if you want the writing to stand out, do not choose the same colour as the colour of the item you want to personalise. Though baby pink writing on a baby pink blanket can look lovely, if you want a subtle effect, if you want the letters to stand out please choose a more contrasting colour.

Our different colour options. 

At this point check again. Have you ordered the correct size? Is the name spelt correctly and so on. As you progress through checkout, you will see your order at each step, so please make sure you have ordered correctly. When you are in checkout we offer a range of delivery service speeds, such as express (1-2 days), standard (3-5 days). These are estimates of how long the Royal Mail will take to deliver your order, when we post it. Please note - if your order is a personalised order, we have to custom make your order, so our completion time applies before we send, more about our completion times below.

 The completion time is at the top of every page on the website. 

 When your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email (please check your junk folders)  or text message, confirming your order.  Your confirmation will also include your order details.....please read it and check all is correct. If you do notice at this point that you have made a mistake, please contact us via email immediately quoting your order number to info@lullabylanebabyshop.com

Our apologies for asking to to  check over and over....but once an order has been personalised we are unable to correct any errors, and we really want you to love your Lullaby Lane order and not be disappointed.

OK, you have placed your order, received your confirmation email, and all is correct. What next?

Your personalised order now will go through a series of steps. We call this our completion time. Completion time is an estimated time that we consider it will take us to complete your personalised order. Completion times can be found at the top of every page of our website. At busier times of year we may have longer completion times, depending on how many orders we have to personalise at any one time. Please do not confuse delivery times with completion times. If you have chosen an express delivery option of 1-2 working days, please remember that our completion time has to be added to this, if you have a personalised order.

Completion time (time it takes to complete personalised orders).

 Delivery time (time it takes for your order to be delivered by the Royal Mail).

 OK, we have your order in our system, you will now have entered our queue for personalising, which we work through in order.

The first step is on a computer, we enter the name you have provided into our computer software, and select the writing style you have chosen. Your baby's name will now appear on our computer screen, and we will  resize and arrange the letters to fit the item we will be personalising. When we are satisfied with the design of the name we will save as a special file, that will work our embroidery machines.

 Creating the design on our embroidery software.

We then prepare the item we are going to personalise, we do this by first of all layering with a stabiliser, this is like a special paper that helps keep the item stable in our embroidery hoops, and also helps with the stitching process. Now is the time to place the item to personalise in the embroidery hoop. The we top off with another layer of a special stabiliser that keeps the stitches looking beautiful on top of the fabric. We are strong believers of quality here at Lullaby Lane, and though these extra steps take more time, we know how important they are in the appearance of the finished product.

 Hat being hooped up for embroidery. 

 Now, this is where the magic begins. We place the hooped up item onto one of our embroidery machines, and transfer the file from the computer to the embroidery machine. We look back at your order and select the colour thread that you selected when ordering. We only use the best quality embroidery threads, that have a fabulous sheen, and are designed to retain their colour was after wash.

Now it's time to press start on the machine, and off it goes, stitching your baby's name.

This can take some time, but once the machine has completed, the item is removed from the hoop and then transferred to our finishing team.

The finishing off of the product, is a long but important process. Threads need to be snipped, the stabiliser removed from the reverse side, and the clear topping removed from the right side of your item. 

 Unpicking and snipping any excess thread off.

 When we are 100% satisfied with the quality of the finished product, your order is then transferred to our mailing team, who will pack your order and send it using the postage method you selected at checkout.

As soon as your order has been shipped, you will receive an update / notification that your order is on the way..



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